The Silicone Breast Form As An Art Form-Part 2

by Amy on January 7, 2011

Seeking a breast prosthetic that is truly a work of art? Read on…

Valmont Leirsure Bra and Plump Teardrop Silicone Breast Forms from Stephanie's Bosom BuddiesValmont Lacy Leisure Bra Style 23057

Valmont Leirsure Bra and Plump Teardrop Silicone Breast Forms from Stephanie's Bosom Buddies - Amy's very nice breasts but not like the photo below. Amy is envious!

For years I’ve wished I could have breast forms that created cleavage. For a huge amount of money I could have a creative film or stage art studio make me my breast forms. They know their stuff, but it would be a custom job and there is no way I or most could afford it. There are some very bad latex options out there and in no way do they really create the artful illusion so many of us seek. A UK and a South American company have developed holster bras that hold two wonderful silicone breast forms that offer a very nice illusion and there are some that have developed the silicone bra, but neither imitates the true female form. Not one you’d wear a low cut gown or sweater to show off your feminine cleavage anyway. So how can you make a breast form that imitates the female breast to perfection?
Hips & Curves & Bares, Oh My!

Breast Prosthesis

Actual photo from the website of their CropTop Breast Form Full Chest Prosthetic

Well I’ve (Amy) been doing some investigating on the internet trying to find a breast prosthetic that is truly a work of art. There is company in the UK that has developed a realistic and almost undetectable (to anyone observing) full chest breast prosthetic with incredible cleavage. Cleavage is what I desire and have yet to achieve. This British company has just about perfected the female form. They also color match your own skin so the prosthetic is almost undetectable to the human eye and by the photo you can see how the human eye might be very drawn to this incredible breast form. It can be worn by men and women to achieve the total feminine appearance. Take a look at their website and tell me if you don’t agree. This is ART imitating LIFE.

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DISCLAIMER: Amy’s Closet has no monetary stake in or their commercial venture. Amy’s Closet does not endorse their products but Amy is amazed at the life-like appearance and from reading the testimonials on the website it appears they have a quality product. You be the judge!

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curtis williams April 26, 2011 at 10:20 am

im looking to purchase a breast plate

Amy April 26, 2011 at 11:40 am

Then I guess you’ll have to contact a company that makes them. Sorry I can’t help you with that. – amy

Tania August 29, 2013 at 11:18 am

Hi, thanks for posting your photo they look very good and realistic which gave me hope. I am going to double mastectomy in a month and I am 35 so am very sad of going to look like a boy for 2 years(wait time for DEIP flap). Seeing you picture gave me hope but I was wondering if you any company that you would go and they could make it there for you rather than ordering online I am so scared of ordering thing online. Btw I live in canada! Even may be if you know what name or kinda search I should do to have those company coming up! You were mentioning something about film studios????


Amy August 29, 2013 at 1:26 pm

I’m sorry. I clearly have no idea what you are asking or what you are looking for. This is an information site. I don’t sell anything and I don’t get paid to do research for other people. I’m sorry for what you are going through. Maybe one of the readers can figure out your plight and give you some guidance. – AMY

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