Men Who Wear Bras

by Amy on January 19, 2010

Men who like wearing bras and women who’d prefer not to … there is more to this issue than meets the eye.

Some men like wearing bras for many reasons. Recently in Japan it’s become a rage for men to wear bras designed specifically for men which on the surface is a great idea. However, they do not look the same as bras designed for women, nor do they have the shape that is desired by most crossdressers and transgendered alike. Crossdressers like to replicate the female form for the most part, but I’m sure there are some that would love a bra that actually fits because they are among the segment of the crossdressing population that is not interested in filling the bra cups to complete the illusion of the female form. Instructions for Amy’s Home-made Gel Breast Forms.

Man Wearing Bra with Gel Breast Forms

There are so many crossdressers that start early on in life wearing what their sisters or mothers happen to have in the lingerie drawer. It may sound weird to a certain segment of the population, but this is exactly what happens and is happening every day all over the world. Crossdressing is nothing new. There is documentation in art and literature throughout the ages addressing a man’s or woman’s desire to dress as the opposite gender. Crossdressers, male and female go to great lengths to complete the illusion of the opposite sex and a great segment of the crossdressing population feels more comfortable confronting the day’s challenges this way. Society in general is not very tolerant, but there are societies where crossdressing is supported and admired.

Most crossdressers are not gay. Some feel trapped in a man’s body and still desire the company of a woman. Does this make them lesbians? hmmm??? Some think just this way and dressing as a woman to be with a woman is probably more socially acceptable than dressing as a woman to be with a man. Bi sexuality is confusing enough as it is, but throw in the aspect of crossdressing and you get another perspective on the issue of gender identity. It’s obvious to those interested in the findings of the scientific community that all is not well with the genetics of the human race. There are so many mutations that men feeling like they should have been a woman can’t be that rare a mutation. It only takes one little kink in the genetic chain to change the appearance or the internal genetic structure of a human otherwise we’d all look exactly the same.

So back to why men wear bras and some women don’t want to wear them because of their gender and sexual orientation. Some men just plain and simply want breasts and need a bra to complete the illusion. I have to call it an illusion because there is no other way to descibe it. Many crossdressers feel as though they were denied something at birth. Advances in technology has afforded both genders the chance to have breasts where breasts were not present at birth. Breast augmentation is readily available if they are not satisfied with what they were born with and reconstruction an option when medical issues have taken them away. Silicone breast forms as medical prosthetics and as illusionary prosthetics are a thriving business world wide. Even a ‘woman’ who feels trapped in a man’s body or a ‘man’ trapped in a woman’s body now has the prospect of gender reassignment. It may be a dramatic step to take, but it is available and has made both genders able to live life as they feel they should.

Lingerie is sexy. It’s designed to be sexy – to wrap itself around the female form. Lingerie is not everyday underwear, though it can be worn as such. Sports bras, though not considered lingerie are sometimes part of a crossdresser’s wardrobe. Men should be able to dress as they see fit and wear what they like instead of having to spend a lifetime sneaking around or getting that brief moment in time where they can actually feel like themselves. Women who crossdress have the same issues too! Crossdressers like me desire and need to have lingerie available to help hold up the illusions that complete us as humans. Attachable silicone breast forms might be enough to complete the illusion, but lingerie is fun. Women have know this for years and years. I didn’t ask for this, but I’ve accepted it and now embrace it. To all the 5-12 year olds out there that are feeling the urge to wear women’s undergarments and more… you are not alone and you’ll be old and gray probably by the time either you accept it or society accepts your crossdressing desires. I hope this is not the case. There is help out there for young people with gender identity issues. Educators, counselors and even parents have a much greater awareness about gender issues than anytime in history. As a community we have to get behind young people and people of any age that have these types of issues and let them know that there is a support system out there that has been through a lot of the societal backlash and is willing to help. – Amy

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Amy April 7, 2013 at 8:59 am

I’d tell you to wear her dresses for now but to get your own to fit your desires and style. It’s fun developing your own style. As for dressing in the night. You are not alone. It’s a quiet time, a time of reflection and a time when you can relish in as the person you probably feel you are and desire to become. Just don’t let it rule your life like so many others do. If it comes to that then you need to make a life changing decision and that is just not my field of expertise. At that point you need to seek out some counseling from a professional therapist. – Amy

Randi Ramaldo May 7, 2013 at 3:42 pm

Amy, people like you are a true Godsend and a blessing. I have been dressing in women’s clothes (closet dressing) for 36 years, since I was very little. I feel very much like a ‘ woman trapped in this disgusting male body. Well, not totally disgusting, as I have some very sexy lady legs, ( thank God he gave me that, and virtually no Adam’s Apple ) but I wish I were complete though. Going through life, hiding behind closed doors and feeling soooo ashamed is the most torture. Most people look down on things they either don’t want to understand or just don’t comprehend. Thus, they judge the person as nasty, sick, gay or emotionally unstable. How is it nasty to keep your legs clean, shaved and lotioned up? To keep facial hair plucked out? To clean one’s body with bath soap with a nice, fresh, feminine scent? To me, men are gross, just my opinion.
I don’t wear dresses, high heels and anything prissy, not my style. I love women’s sneakers, especially nike shox, so love the comfy feeling and nice light colors. I love to wear women’s skin tight jeans and sexy, tight denim short shorts, sport bras by nike, workout spandex, thong panties and racerback ladies tanktops.
I so want to get out of the damn closet and just take my style out on the street, in public, but dread the horrible comments, jokes and severe ridicule that will most certainly come. I wish all people would be more tolerable of others who desire to be themselves. Isn’t that the creedo, ” Dare to be different? “

Amy May 7, 2013 at 4:24 pm

I’d support you and we all know how you feel. I love wearing my big boobs. You think I’d get the comments? Surely. I’ve gone out dressed and been called a dyke. Not sure I minded that so much. I’d definitely be the other half of a lesbian relationship if I had a change. I think we need our own planet or at least our own country! – AMY

jeaette May 11, 2013 at 1:55 pm

At 13 I put on my first pair of panties and got a wonderful feeling. At 85 I’m still wearing panties and bras but with not so much feeling. My mother told me when I was about six months old a little girl of 3 molested me. But I recall that when I was just three or four my mom and aunt (when my dad was on the road) would walk around in panties, bras and silk stockings. I even remember my aunt telling my mom that she really liked the new step-ins. I think that is were I got patterned. I can’t explain the effects from the molesting. Do you have any ideas? Thanks for this chance to comment.

J Bran July 18, 2013 at 4:12 pm

I have been a cross dresser for over 40 years. I have gone out in public totally enfemme as well. I have bras and forms to match my physique. But I prefer to wear a bra with no forms that fits my male physique. I do not wear a bra this way to create any illusion of being feminine, though i have no argument with being dressed enfemme being illusion. I just like and feal more comfortable wearing a bra. I have btw, no feelings of anonimity towards being male. Nor would i prefer to be a female. I find female clothes comfortable, sexy, and with much more variety and interest in looking pretty. Still even under male jeans and a heavy flannel shirt in fall, I like to wear a bra for how it feels and how it makes me feel. There is no illusion in that. I only mention this because it feels like your article suggests males only wear bras for the illusion of being female. I find I am not alone in reading posts of the Men Wearing Bras forum. Just food for thought. Keep up the nice site!

J Bran

Amy July 18, 2013 at 4:24 pm

I get your point and I do understand how you feel. I guess there are times when I put a bra on and just enjoy the feeling. I also wrote this mostly from years of experience and talking to other cross dressers… so you have a different and perfectly viable story. That’s ok by me! I still love having breasts, even though they are fake, I feel naked when I just have on a bra now more than ever. The home-made-breast-forms were developed because I needed something in my bra, the size which I could control for a variety of situations like yours… wearing the bra under your clothes undetected. I was able to give myself some protrusion, weight and bounce, but not enough to call attention to myself. The bra really feels good going on don’t get me wrong, I just have always needed to fill those cups (they were invented with a purpose – I’m just doing my part! :) – Amy

Blake July 18, 2013 at 9:53 pm

Maybe I’m a little different,ha ha.I don’t have guy clothing.I’m a straight guy,(not that has ANYTHING to do with this discussion) threw them out years ago.
I wear (women’s) clothes only, 24/7, but for me,its NOT a sexual thing,i never get “aroused” in female known clothing.But i wear them because it feels
like i SHOULD be wearing girl clothes.I don’t wear the real flowery femmy tops.But it is a nice look of how i do it.Many females like and tell I’m never embarrassed or uneasy or whatever word you choose when I’m out and about doing things in public.I’m just me.I like open back tops,or sheer lace
back tops and so on.Do i wear a bra ? Yes.Most of the time.I don’t hide the fact that i am wearing a bra.If my bra strap shows,oh well,so,big deal.I conduct myself as if I’m wearing guy clothes.Guy clothes are BORING, lame, lacking color and style…..and yes i wear MY (girl) clothes to work.And the women i work around like it,but i know that some people don’t like it,there’s always an exception to the rule,but generally speaking women do.
Recently,while in another state,I went to ROSS (clothing store) just looking.I did find some things i wanted to try on what i had,so i went to the fitting rooms,I tried them on,before i came out,the lady that was working the fitting room dept that let me in said ” i wanna see how you look” i said OK,be out soon…she saw what i was wearing she said, “oooh that’s cute,you look good in that ! ” ,hang on,i”ll get the other colour”.So the 2 women went looking for tops,skirts,and dresses for me as i was in the dressing room trying them on.I even asked the women that were fitting room attendants,”Is this creeeping you to ladies out that i am trying on these ? “They both said “heck no,we think its great !” The age of the one lady was about in her late 50′s early 60′s,the other girl was about 26 or so,and the both said the same thing.So i goes to show ya how women of different ages like a guy in women’s clothing,IF it is done with taste.I will never go back to male clothing.I don’t try to walk like a girl,or do the mannerisms that females have,im just a guy that loves female styling.Don’t want a sex change,and etc that we have heard before.This is also a freedom of choice as females do.Think back the the women’s movement to the 70′s.Equally right and so on.I say “HELL YA”,then if women can wear males clothing then guys should be
able to wear women’s….EQUALITY…… RIIIIIIGHT ??

Shawna January 11, 2014 at 9:32 am

I often go out wearing a 48 DD bra filled with heavy duty water balloons, each weighing about 20 pounds. I wear casual women’s clothing , pink knit pants and a grey sweater and modest make up. I am definitely passable, but I get stares from both men and women, and smiles/giggles from women because of my huge “bust”.

Not sure what to do about this problem. How do large busted women avoid attention in public?

Amy January 11, 2014 at 11:23 am

They don’t. Bigger is better. :)

Shawna January 12, 2014 at 7:32 am

Yes, I DO think bigger is better, but again, it’s difficult grocery shopping, etc with all of the attention. Any suggestions for wardrobe to help with this embarrassing problem? I LOVE my size, and the weight is an odd turn on so I don’t want to go any smaller. Thanks for your thoughts.

Tom February 21, 2014 at 1:06 pm

I’m with Blake. Except for shoes, I dress every day in garments made for women, but so conservatively that you’d likely never look twice. That includes a T-shirt bra. I simply like the compression and warmth. Not interested in looking like a woman.

david cary May 28, 2014 at 5:26 pm

would to do more dressing up but do not know my size in lady clothing.I love wearing my lady panty and bras but wont to do more can you help me out.

Amy May 28, 2014 at 9:17 pm

Hi! I think you should get a fabric tape measure and start by measuring =
all your vital statistics like your waist, chest, thighs, arms, neck, =
head, inseam and so on. Keep a list. Compare it to all the various sizes =
of clothing and lingerie. Then you’ll have a better idea of what you can =
fit into.

Love AMY

Dean July 1, 2014 at 6:55 am

I’m in my 40′s and I love the feeling of a bra. However, I don’t like to stuff them, as much as I like the look I want my real nipples to be touching the cup. I’m not interested to becoming a woman, love being a man, but I do wish I could somehow temporarily have actual boobs. (I’ve told my wife if there was a pill I could take that would swell my boobs for a day or two, I’d get them in a heartbeat!) I wear my wife’s old 36-C’s which stretch over what little I have comfortably. I think a 38-B might fit me better, but so far my hinting at buying a new bra just for me hasn’t gotten me anywhere. (I’ve also hinted at heels.) I don’t want to push it, I have skirts and cami tops and a few dresses with her encouragement, even some tights and stockings. I do wish, and she does too, that society would let me go out in public wearing what I wear in private, but I’m not holding my breath.

Thanks for providing a forum where I can say this!

Amy July 2, 2014 at 1:44 am

Have you had these feelings for a long long time? Sounds like you are not alone in your thoughts and actions. – <3 Amy

Dean July 4, 2014 at 7:01 am

From what I’ve read here and elsewhere, I’m “normal” in the CD world that I’ve loved women’s clothes and underwear since I was a kid. But I’m apparently in the minority in that I’ve never had the desire to pass or wear much makeup. I’ve experimented a little with eyeliner and such, but other than occasionally painting my toenails I don’t bother with the whole makeup thing. I don’t even shave my mustache. So I’m weird, I’d love to be able to go out in public in a skirt, cami, bra, stockings, etc, but I don’t want to go as a woman. Does that make any sense?

ron silva July 21, 2014 at 2:32 pm


Maybe someone could help me out I love to wear womens bras but I cant find one that fits I have a 48 c and I also tried a 50 c but the staps are all too short I used a bra extension and that is perfect but the shoulder straps are still to short for me is there anything I can do besides cutting them off and putting an extension on them so the straps would be longer the straps almost are always too short any help would be nice

Amy July 21, 2014 at 2:39 pm

Hi… I suspect this is a problem for anyone with your measurements. I know it is for me. I don’t know of any other way to extend the straps other than cutting and splicing in a piece. If you use a couple more bra extenders in the back it will bring the straps down a bit on your shoulders, but you’ll have to run a string or ribbon from the straps in the back to hold them on your shoulders. It helps me. If anyone else has some ideas I hope you’ll contribute. Thanks. – Amy

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