Men Who Wear Bras

by Amy on January 19, 2010

Men who like wearing bras and women who’d prefer not to … there is more to this issue than meets the eye.

Some men like wearing bras for many reasons. Recently in Japan it’s become a rage for men to wear bras designed specifically for men which on the surface is a great idea. However, they do not look the same as bras designed for women, nor do they have the shape that is desired by most crossdressers and transgendered alike. Crossdressers like to replicate the female form for the most part, but I’m sure there are some that would love a bra that actually fits because they are among the segment of the crossdressing population that is not interested in filling the bra cups to complete the illusion of the female form. Instructions for Amy’s Home-made Gel Breast Forms.

Man Wearing Bra with Gel Breast Forms

There are so many crossdressers that start early on in life wearing what their sisters or mothers happen to have in the lingerie drawer. It may sound weird to a certain segment of the population, but this is exactly what happens and is happening every day all over the world. Crossdressing is nothing new. There is documentation in art and literature throughout the ages addressing a man’s or woman’s desire to dress as the opposite gender. Crossdressers, male and female go to great lengths to complete the illusion of the opposite sex and a great segment of the crossdressing population feels more comfortable confronting the day’s challenges this way. Society in general is not very tolerant, but there are societies where crossdressing is supported and admired.

Most crossdressers are not gay. Some feel trapped in a man’s body and still desire the company of a woman. Does this make them lesbians? hmmm??? Some think just this way and dressing as a woman to be with a woman is probably more socially acceptable than dressing as a woman to be with a man. Bi sexuality is confusing enough as it is, but throw in the aspect of crossdressing and you get another perspective on the issue of gender identity. It’s obvious to those interested in the findings of the scientific community that all is not well with the genetics of the human race. There are so many mutations that men feeling like they should have been a woman can’t be that rare a mutation. It only takes one little kink in the genetic chain to change the appearance or the internal genetic structure of a human otherwise we’d all look exactly the same.

So back to why men wear bras and some women don’t want to wear them because of their gender and sexual orientation. Some men just plain and simply want breasts and need a bra to complete the illusion. I have to call it an illusion because there is no other way to descibe it. Many crossdressers feel as though they were denied something at birth. Advances in technology has afforded both genders the chance to have breasts where breasts were not present at birth. Breast augmentation is readily available if they are not satisfied with what they were born with and reconstruction an option when medical issues have taken them away. Silicone breast forms as medical prosthetics and as illusionary prosthetics are a thriving business world wide. Even a ‘woman’ who feels trapped in a man’s body or a ‘man’ trapped in a woman’s body now has the prospect of gender reassignment. It may be a dramatic step to take, but it is available and has made both genders able to live life as they feel they should.

Lingerie is sexy. It’s designed to be sexy – to wrap itself around the female form. Lingerie is not everyday underwear, though it can be worn as such. Sports bras, though not considered lingerie are sometimes part of a crossdresser’s wardrobe. Men should be able to dress as they see fit and wear what they like instead of having to spend a lifetime sneaking around or getting that brief moment in time where they can actually feel like themselves. Women who crossdress have the same issues too! Crossdressers like me desire and need to have lingerie available to help hold up the illusions that complete us as humans. Attachable silicone breast forms might be enough to complete the illusion, but lingerie is fun. Women have know this for years and years. I didn’t ask for this, but I’ve accepted it and now embrace it. To all the 5-12 year olds out there that are feeling the urge to wear women’s undergarments and more… you are not alone and you’ll be old and gray probably by the time either you accept it or society accepts your crossdressing desires. I hope this is not the case. There is help out there for young people with gender identity issues. Educators, counselors and even parents have a much greater awareness about gender issues than anytime in history. As a community we have to get behind young people and people of any age that have these types of issues and let them know that there is a support system out there that has been through a lot of the societal backlash and is willing to help. – Amy

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