Men Who Wear Bras and Breast Forms

by Amy on May 27, 2012

Man Wearing Lacy Bra and Breast Forms

A man who wears a bra and breast forms is a man who either wants breasts of his own or loves having them hanging around to cop a feel from time to time. Which is it? Maybe a little of both. Breasts are very sensual so why not enjoy them! If you’re desires take you to the ultimate experience of having breasts because technology has allowed men to have this opportunity. Years and years of balloons, bird seed, water, shampoo or whatever to fill the void of not having breasts is thankfully a thing of the past at least for many.

Man Wearing Purple Lace Bra with DD Breast Forms

The improvement of bras and the near perfection of breast forms for the mastectomy patients has spilled over into the transgender, cross dressing and transvestite market. They fulfill a huge need for the man trying to embrace the illusion of being a woman. This is nothing new folks. Men have been trying to be the fairer sex for thousands of years. It’s just now they actually can create the ultimate illusion with breast forms. Though somewhat costly they are worth the extra pennies so guys… save and buy some breast forms. You won’t be sorry.

“Men who like wearing bras and breast forms get the ultimate feminine experience when combined with all the other female enhancements available to the male market now.”

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