Men, Bras, Breasts… Just Thinkin’

by Amy on April 17, 2012

Just thinkin’ about boobs, bras, Men who wear bras, bras in general and man-boobs. I’m also ponderin’ why men obsess over women’s breasts and even their own. When you want something as bad as some men want breasts you tend to obsess I guess. It’s ok. I think it’s normal. I call it ‘unfulfilled genetic desire’… men who want boobs but can’t have them – full, perky, natural (well sorta) attached female breasts.

Amy - Male Bra with Breast Forms

"A real guy with real fake breasts" Really?Amy's DD breasts in their perfect form

Now wanting breasts is not the same as wanting to touch breasts, but they can go ‘hand-in-hand’ for cross-dressers. I for one LOVE breasts. Small ones, large ones it doesn’t matter. I study them. I picture a pair of breasts I see on a woman and try to picture them on myself. I literally obsess about them. I wonder what it would be like to have natural breasts instead of my breast forms which have a built in perfection to them. Few pairs of breasts are the same, few are perfect, but I for one fantasize about my own set of perfect boobs. My only outlet is the millions of boob shots on the web. There are literally a hundred thousand photos of breasts. I guess I’m not the only one with an obsession huh? There must be some Freudian psycho-analytical post-partum male and female obsession with breasts or there wouldn’t be so many available to stare at.

I’ve also noticed… for YEARS… that women’s clothes designers kind of accentuate the positive aspects of breasts in their designs. It’s no wonder cross-dressers have such a bitch–of-a-time buying women’s clothes that actually fit. Men’s chests are broader than women’s chests. It just makes it hard for us female-wanna-bees to replicate that fantasy vision of ourselves as women. Dressing sexy is a chore for most cross-dressers. Dressing for the outdoors is not so hard. There is always the uni-sex L.L. Bean wardrobe. For most men who dress Victoria’s Secret is a major fantasy. They just don’t make clothes or lingerie for men. No matter how hard we try we just can’t make VS fashions work except maybe in a dark room…. and just thinkin’ if they did make lingerie and beach wear and cute dresses and tops for men… I doubt we’d buy them, because we really are trying to be women… NOT men.

Just thinkin’ on the subject of Man-Boobs. I have one word to describe them. UGH! Not UGH-LY, just ugh. They don’t cut it for cross-dressers trying to emulate the female form. They are what they are and I’m sure some guys are satisfied with their natural breasts, but I for one could never envision that being my only hope in my quest to have breasts. It’s just not the same and they really don’t resemble women’s breasts for the most part. They don’t make bras for man-boobs. You can buy a bra and convince yourself that it fits what you have for breasts, but really? Does it really fit? Maybe a leisure bra could do the trick, but you’d have to buy one that is really over-sized because of the man, broad chest thing. Your man-boobs are further apart than most female breasts. Taping them closer together could be a solution, but not a natural or even fun one. Push-up bras or gel-bras might give the sensation of working to give you that female appearance, but check it out in a mirror. Is it really working for you? Probably not, but then again… it may be all any of us have going for us. It is really hard to be something that you genetically feel is your right, but you just weren’t given the proper parts or body part ratios.

Just thinkin’ that hormones, as suggested by several of my blog viewers, do work, but it isn’t something that most cross-dressers can make part of their lives. It just isn’t practical, but it is enticing to think about what could be. Kudos to all those that have the opportunity and circumstances to make it work. We envy you or at least I do. Now what to do with that appendage down below that really delineates a man and a woman. Other than a boob job or breast enhancement which is surgically reversible… this is major non-reversible, non-refundable, totally committed to the project surgery. Just wonderin’ how many would take the plunge to ‘vaginahood’ if the circumstances and opportunity presented itself? Ponder that a while and get back to me. – Amy

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