Latex Balloon Home Made Breast Forms

by Amy on December 13, 2010

Latex Balloon Gel Boobs & 48DDD Underwire Bra

Amy here! I’ve come up with another option for home made breast forms using latex ballons. It’s a little time consuming but no more than making them from Glad Bags and Gel. You’ll need some 11″ latex balloons, pink works fine, but off-white or black or something close to your skin color if you can find it. Not that many color options. The latex balloons are too thick to create a shadow color by putting one balloon into the other. Hips and Full-Figured Photo Gallery

Amy’s review of the latex balloon boobs – pros and cons:

  • Pro: You can make them any size you wish up to a very large E or F
  • Con: Be fore-warned that they will be very heavy and you’ll need a very good DD, DDD, E or F underwire bra.
  • Pro: The weight and elasticity are fairly real. They will be firm.
  • Con: They do not sit or blend well to the chest. They sit up like well… balloons!
  • Pro: In a bra they look great as long as the bra is a full-coverage bra with strong underwire for shape and support.
  • Con: They only look great in a bra. Don’t take off your bra and try to go braless. They need the shape of the bra to be convincing.
  • Con: The color of the balloon will not match your skin or feel like your skin so sheer bras are not recommended to complete the illusion.
  • Summary: This is not as good an option as my home-made gel forms, but they seem to be durable, life-like and passable to a degree. They sure feel good while walking or climbing stairs which I’m sure is important to many of my CD and Transgender friends.

NOTE: Balloons, Bras Goddess Womens Smooth Simplicity Underwire Bra
& Crystal Gel Polymers are available through my Amazon links and other links on the pages. Just click and buy.
Water Crystal Gel (5 ounce)

Supplies needed for this project are:

  • 11″ or 12″ latex balloons (as many as you like) Pink Latex Balloons
  • 1/4 cup of crystal polymers
  • Water (H2O)
  • Small funnel (make sure the opening is large enough to let several of the crystals through at the same time)

Instructions for making your latex balloon boobs:

  1. Stretch the balloon neck and blow it up 3 or 4 times just to stretch the latex
  2. Place the neck of the balloon around the neck of the funnel
  3. Slowly, VERY slowly pour the polymer gel crystals (DRY) into the funnel until the balloon is full.
  4. Might be more than 1/4 cup. That was an estimate.
  5. Take the balloon off the funnel
  6. Go to sink and place the balloon neck over the end of the faucet.
  7. Hold the balloon in place and turn on the water, but not too fast. Use WARM water.
  8. Fill the balloon to the desired size.
  9. Pull the balloon from the faucet holding it tightly.
  10. Twist the neck, spin it a little, squeeze the air out if possible, a little may ooze from the top. Tie it off TIGHTLY.

Summary: Very quickly the water will absorb the crystals and the balloons will get a life-like firmness to them. They will not expand beyond the size you have determined you want. The crystals will cease to grow as all the water is absorbed in the balloon. Use silicone stick-on nipples to complete the illusion of your breast forms. (Not shown in the photos)

Latex Balloon Gel Boobs 48DDD Underwire Bra 2

Latex Balloon Gel Boobs fitted to 48DDD Underwire Bra

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