How do I make fake boobs or breasts?

by Amy on January 17, 2010

Making Fake Boobs or Breasts Out of Landscaping Gel Inside of Plastic Bags.

There are a lot of so called instructions on how to make fake boobs or breasts out there, but few really have the answer. There are those who claim that bird seed in nylons makes good alternatives to real breast, but that is just insane. I guess they’ve never felt or held a real boob in their life. Water balloons are another alternative suggested time and again and of course they are a lot more realistic than bird seed, but the texture of the sticky rubber balloon just doesn’t cut it even in a bra. There are no videos out there on youtube that make any good suggestions, but hopefully I’ll be making one soon. Some other alternatives to expensive silicone breast forms are foam breast forms which are sold on many mastectomy and prosthetic websites which give you the form but not the weight of a real breast. Anything with a water base or gel base is the best alternative, but putting them in balloons which only mimimic real boobs seem to be the best alternative. They do not form to the bra or the chest, but stick out nicely. They just don’t feel like the real thing. Read on!

I’m offering a real alternative for all the suggestions out there. Gel forms in plastic bags. I’ve put the instructions on my website here. Amy’s Closet has the inexpensive answer to “how to make fake boobs or breasts”. The page describes the process and also has the Amazon links to purchase the necessary materials. I’ve also included some other wonderful links to sites including Amazon where you can purchase the perfect bra to hold your new breast forms and the lingerie and clothing to finish out the illusion you are trying to create. The best bras are underwire which hold the breast form snug and give it perfect shape. If you have any questions just fill out the comment form below and I (Amy) will get back to you as soon as I am able. Now¬†you too can make your own boobs for everyday play or that special one time event like Halloween.