Fitting a Man to a Bra & Silicone Breast Forms

by Amy on July 20, 2012

Silicone Breast Forms Enhance Your Feminine Look

Wear An Expensive Bra For Great Support

Man wearing Purple Lace Embroidered Demi-Bra-2

A man wearing an Elomi EL80018LT Purple Lace Embroidered 48 D Demi-Bra with DD plump teardrop breast forms

Gentlemen… I mean ‘ladies’… do you want to enhance your feminine facade? Then add a sexy lace embroidered demi-bra to your collection and fill your bra with a pair of full plump teardrop silicone breast forms. It’s ‘uplifting’! It brings your girls front and center and with the right top it can give you the appearance of that sought after cleavage. (HINT: When purchasing silicone breast forms always communicate with the seller of the forms if possible. Measure your chest area both vertically and horizontally, then find a breast form that fills the area measured on your chest adequately by matching the breast form dimensions to your chest. Then go about purchasing a bra to fit both you and your forms.)

Elomi Cleo bra with plump teardrop breast forms from Stephanie's Secret Treasures.

Man wearing Elomi Cleo Bra with Breast Forms

Yes… I’m talking men wearing bras or bras that will give men a female appearance. Crossdressers longingly seek the perfect bra, the perfect boobs and the perfect feminine look. I think femininity starts within you and a nice set of boobs perfectly held against your body certainly reinforces that feeling. When you do measure for a bra be sure to include the height of your breast forms into the equation. It would be like a ‘real’ woman measuring over her breasts. (See measuring for the perfect bra fit page link below)

man wearing a Purple Lace Embroidered a 48 D Demi-Bra with DD plump teardrop breast forms

Men can wear Demi-Bras & breast forms

See Amy’s page on measuring for a bra. The right fit.

I – Amy – love this Elomi bra (below). It is extremely well made, the cups are strong and well formed and the straps are soft & forgiving but still supportive. You’ll love this bra. I’m wearing breast forms that are a bit large for my 48D bra. They are large for sure, but you can see this bra can take a size or two larger than intended and still do the job of holding the breast forms and enhancing your feminine body image.

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