External Gel Prosthesis

by Amy on December 25, 2009

Searching the web I’ve come across some pretty simplistic and not so appealing alternatives to silicone breast prosthesis. I think my homemade breast forms or prosthesis for post-mastectomy patients are better than water filled, seed filled or grain filled nylons or water balloons which seem to be the only alternative to expensive silicone prosthetics or foam inserts. My gel filled forms finish the spectrum of alternatives and are easy to make and more lifelike and natural than any other product I’ve researched. Take a look and see if you don’t agree. DIY Forms All you need is a good support underwire bra and you can fill your cup size with just the right amount of gel using my instructions. – Amy

External breast prosthesis

An external breast prosthesis is a weighted prosthesis, sometimes made of silicone, which is designed to simulate natural breast tissue. Because this type of breast prosthesis is weighted, it may help your posture, prevent shoulder drop, and problems with balance.

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