Enhancing Your Breast Forms With My Gel Forms

by Amy on August 1, 2010

Silicone Breast Enhancers with Concave Backs

Enhance your silicone breast forms with Amy’s home made breast forms made of polymer gel crystals and water. You may also enhance non silicone breast forms to add weight and volume whenever you wish to add some excitement or fullness to your female form.

Silicone breast forms and silicone breast enhancers sometimes come with a concave back on the form that is supposed to allow a woman’s breast or excess male flesh to fill the back of the breast form and conform to the shape of the chest or breast.

Home Made Gel Breast Enhancer

Amy's DIY Home-made Breast Enhancer

  • Have you bought a breast form that has too much space to fill with just your breasts or your chest flesh?
  • Have you tried to fill the space with kleenex or some other soft filler so that the breast form feels like an extension of your body?
  • My home made gel breast forms ( Amy’s fake gel breast forms and enhancers do it yourself instructions ) can fill the void and still give you that full breast feeling.
Concave Silicone Breast Form

Concave Back On Silicone Breast Form

You can make your own DIY Forms to the exact size you need by following Amy’s instructions and with a little experimentation you’ll have full breasts that you can call your own and that will fulfill your needs and every desire to feel more like a woman.

Use the products I’ve put together through Amazon for all your DIY home-made breast form solutions. See all of the products by clicking on the link in the column to the right.

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