DIY Forms Instructions

Make Your Own Breast Forms – BUY INSTRUCTIONS ONLY

How to make your own breast forms… instructions, ways to purchase, accessories galore and of course information that will hopefully help all of Amy’s fellow crossdressers no matter what your experience level. Amy has been making these forms for 20 years now for her personal use. (I’m in 3rd person mode!) She’s made some for CD friends at times. She’s had the instructions on-line for free for 2 years. After giving it away for free it was suggested to Amy to charge a nominal fee for all her research and development. She loved this person’s idea! (My wife’s idea!) The materials and instructions are time tested and the process works. I hope you have the same success and LOOK that Amy has achieved over the years.

NOTE: If you are looking for both instructions and materials to make your Gel Breast Forms go HERE.

The Home-made Gel Breast Forms:

  • Are natural feeling.
  • They form to your bra.
  • Moves with your body.
  • They are Inexpensive & Safe
  • Are easy to make!
  • Instructions contain 12 Pages of detailed instructions and photos.

Only $5.75 US (Paypal charges me out of this amount.) and you’re on your way to making your own Gel Breast Forms in your own kitchen or ‘breast form laboratory’. Amy is NOT responsible for explosions in your laboratory or for any Lady Frankensteins you bring to life!!!

© These forms and instructions are © copyrighted & should not be reproduced or reprinted for any reason. You’d seriously piss Amy off if you did this. You WILL channel HER inner Lady MONSTER!

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NOTE about eMail Addresses: Please use a VALID eMAIL Address!

AMY does NOT collect email addresses. She does NOT sell or distribute them. She needs them to be able to email you your PDF file after you purchase your ‘HMBF Instructions’ through PayPal. If you wish to be anonymous during this transaction AMY suggests you open a Yahoo or Hotmail email account for this purpose. No… she is NOT going to tell you how to do this! *smile* – Amy is typing in the 3rd person for your amusement. She giggled a lot!