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by Amy on January 30, 2013

Do you have any personal stories you’d like to share anonymously?

I’m sure I’d like to hear your crossdressing adventures and I’m sure our readers (like you) would also. If they are of a sexual nature please substitute *asterisks* for some of the letters so we get the idea but not the exact point. Please? I will edit them to keep any underage readers from getting the ‘whole’ picture.

Your CD stories can be about your first time dressing, your first encounters being fully dressed, your feelings when dressed and not dressed, your spouse’s feelings toward your dressing and you can even admit to some of your favorite mast*****tion scenerios if you have any. Just try to keep it on the conservative side of rude. Thank you! I bet some of your stories will help others in their dealings with crossdressing.

Frilly is Fun!

Frilly is Fun!

I know I started at about age 5. We had a closet in the back room full of clothes and storage items. Propped against the wall at the end of the storage closet – which was about 8 feet long – was a 6 foot high by about 2 foot wide mirror. Probably went on a door at some point. There was one light in the closet in the center on a pull string. I do remember going in there, shutting the door and exploring all the clothes. I found one item in particular that for some reason excited me. It was a frilly tu tu style pull up skirt. The first time I ever tried it on I was naked. I slipped it on and you know what happened next. BOING! Yup… my first that I can recollect. I don’t remember if anything dribbled out, but I do remember how really good it felt. Since then I’ve been loving frilly things and pretty much anything else feminine especially lingerie. I’ve graduated to make-up, wigs, accessories and breast forms since then and it has been quite the journey. I hope this is a good start for everyone.

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Thanks in advance for your stories. They will be published in the comment section of this page with your permission which I will assume is given if you are writing to me.

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