Bras For Men

by Amy on February 2, 2010

Full Figure Underwire Bra and Home Made Breast Forms

Bras for Men - Result with a Full Figure Underwire Bra and Home Made Breast Forms

This is a guide for men who want to wear a bra. Bras for men who wish they were women!

Wake Up Your Makeup

I’m a man and I wear a bra. I wear a full figure underwire. Because I make my own breast forms, I can buy whatever cup size I want. I love the feeling of the band around my torso and the bra straps on my shoulders. I love wearing it under my male clothes, but I also have my own female attire. It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing as long as I have on a bra and the cups are full. I love the feeling of the weight of the breast forms. I have breast forms that weight 1.5 lbs, 2.0 lbs, 2.5 lbs and 3.0 lbs. So as a man I can have C cup, D cup, DD cup or DDD cup. Right now I’m wearing a DDD cup full coverage underwire bra with a 46″ band size and 2.5 lb breast forms. My breasts are full and they have wonderful weight to them and when I am on my treadmill I can feel them bouncing with every step. Hips and Full-Figured Photo Gallery

Bras for men - man wearing bra with breast forms

Bras for men - man wearing bra with silicone breast forms

As a man who wishes to wear a bra, you have to determine why you want to wear one and for what result? Are you just wearing it because you like the feel of the material against your skin? I’m not fooled by a man who says he just wants to wear one because it is his right. Ok… well… I’m sure you can fool yourself for a while, but you will come to a realization that you want to wear one because you want to feel like a woman.

My Gel Forms with Silicone Nipples

My Gel Forms with Silicone Nipples

Wear your bra without the breast forms, but definitely when you are alone you have to try making yourself some of Amy’s gel breast forms or buy some silicone prosthetics and you’ll be on your way to really fulfilling your desires. You don’t need to get a DDD like mine. You can start small and work your way into a larger cup bra. Maybe you’ll be happy with a B cup. Sometimes when I’m wearing my bra in public I will go smaller so as not to be detected. However, I’ve found that no one is really paying that much attention anyway and you’re much more aware and self conscious about your breasts than anyone else.

Plus Size Exotic Dresses, Chemises and more!

Men who wear bras without breast forms can wear whatever style they like. But they are going to have to wear a much smaller cup size for the most part. Men’s breasts are much broader and don’t fill a woman’s bra the same way female breasts or breast forms do just because of the design.

Demi Cup Bra

Demi Cup Bra

Demi cup bras are actually my favorite because they look so good wrapped around a woman’s breasts. They work well with traditional silicone breast forms or latex body forms that have breasts built in, but they will show the top of the forms. So cover up ladies with a low cut sweater or a button down sheer blouse. The idea of the demi cup bra is to be able to show some breast cleavage which men in most cases don’t have. They can tape and squeeze their breasts all they want, but if they don’t have FAT they won’t have cleavage and they are still not going to fill the demi cup bra all that well. Try this bra with silicone breast forms and a little make-up.

Try these breast enhancers over your own breasts or over my home-made gel breast forms. Just click the picture below of the breast enhancers to view the product on Amazon.

A shelf bra will have the same effect as a demi bra on a man. It won’t work all that well . Shelf bras are designed for women to lift and enhance their breasts. Again they are designed for the female form and when a man wears one it will cut into their broad shaped breast somewhat like an underwire will when it is too small. A small cupped shelf bra will work best for a man in this situation too. If you want to wear a shelf bra with breast forms then make sure they are light weight and attachable. This combination won’t give you the ultimate feel and weight of real breasts, but they certainly will give the illusion of real breasts.

Bra Extenders

Make sure you buy a bra that will fit you. Buy extenders for your bra just in case. No matter how many times you measure, the manufacturer is not there to do it with you and band sizes from bra to bra tend to run a bit different. Have fun!

Bra Extenders

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