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Amy’s Easy to Make DIY Home-made Gel Breast Forms

What’s in your closet? At Amy’s Closet you’ll find products and information for women and male to female crossdressers including lingerie, women’s apparel, shoes, costumes, wigs, jewelry, health and beauty products and prosthetics for mastectomy patients and CDs. This site does contain some adult information and products, but is designed to promote and support the world of alternative lifestyles with dignity and elegance. Check out Amy’s sister website: GelBreastForms.com

Be sure to check out my Home-made Breast Forms Instructions. Click HOMEMADE in the Navigation Bar for more information.

Did you check out the DIY Instructions and decide it might be too hard to make? Well Ready-made gel breast forms are here!


Stylish clothing and accessorizing is important to all women whether they are born women, are transitioning to become a women, or are part of the lifestyle that creates the illusion of being women.

pink-awareness-ribbon-hiAmy’s Closet is supportive of all women and their passions to feel better about themselves no matter what path they take. We hope you revel in your journey to become the women you truly desire to be.